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Billing & Invoicing Guide

Sleek Invoice gives you the flexibily of generating invoices and estimates (quotes) straight from your web browser. No commitments, No Credit Card, No sign up required. You will be able to send your invoices online and download them as PDF. Capture notes in Sleek Invoice and revisit your notes anytime. Did we also mention that Sleek Invoice is 100% FREE and lets you generate an unlimited number of Invoices and Estimate (Quotes) in any language or currency.

Support Request

    • How do I create an invoice?
    • There are two routes you can use to create a new invoice. You can hover to the left menu and click new document or return to VatPay main landing page and click ‘Create new document’ button.

      • Select document status (There are five status; Paid, Partially Paid, Unpaid, Draft & Cancelled).
      • Select Document type. You can create an Invoice, Tax Invoice, Proforma Invoice, General receipt, Sales receipt, Quote, Estimate, Credit memo, Credit note, Purchase order.
      • Choose Currency from the drop down list. You can create different invoices in different currencies.
      • Use the customization panel to customize document layout. You can add/remove features like ‘Detailed descriptions’, ‘Shipping Info’, ‘Taxes’, ‘Discount’, ‘Shipping and Handling’ etc.
      • You can also specify if item is measured in quantity, hours or just none. You can specify if just the amount on the invoice.
      • To edit company info, hover over the company info and the update button will show. Click ‘Edit Business info’ button and you will be redirected to the settings page to edit your company info.
      • Select a logo. Logo generally make your document more professional. (Highly recommend)
      • Enter customer information (Customer business name, Primary contact, Legal business address etc.)
      • If you enabled shipping info using the customization panel, the Shipping info block will display. Fill customer’s shipping information.
      • Don’t forget you can also change the predefined document number. Select the issued date as well as the due date.
      • The amount field is auto-calculated. You DON’T have to enter an amount here.
      • You can either click the ‘Add line item’ button to manually add a line item or simply search for an existing item from the items list.
      • You can change the ‘Terms & Conditions’ heading to anything you want. For example, if this is just a note to your client, you can change the title to ‘Additional Note’ or just ‘Note’. We put the power in your hands.
      • Finally enter the full terms and conditions or notes and click ‘Create new document’ button.

    • How do I customize my invoice?
    • To change your invoice layout to meet your specific business needs, use the customize panel at the top of the invoice creation or invoice editing view. You can bill by quantity, hours, or amount only, and add or remove taxes, discounts, and custom amounts. You can also add/remove features like ‘Detailed descriptions’, ‘Shipping Info’, ‘Taxes’, ‘Discount’, ‘Shipping and Handling’ etc.

    • How do I send an invoice?
    • To email a particular invoice to your customer, go to VatPay landing (home) page. Search for the invoice you wish to email to your customer.

      • Under the action tab, select the action drop down list box.
      • Click ‘Send’ from the list. A popup opens pre-populating all the customer’s email, Subject with Invoice number added.
      • If you want to copy other recipients on this email, enter their email addresses separated by a semi-colon.
      • If you will like to receive a copy of the email, check the box ‘Send me a copy of this email’
      • You can edit the subject title. It’s usually pre-populated with the Invoice number and your company name.
      • Enter additional note to your customer. See screenshot below on how additional notes are presented to your clients.
      • If you want to include payment link to this email for your customers to pay this invoice, check the box beside ‘Include a payment link to enable online payment for this document’ and your preferred payment links. Select either ‘Secured Credit Card (Stripe Payment)’ or ‘PayPal Express Checkout’ box. Remember you can send both payment options to your customers.
      • You can attach supporting file(s) (documents, images etc.) to your email. If you have more than one file, check the box beside ‘Attach Multiple documents’ and select multiple files.
      • When you are ready, click the ‘Send Email’ button to email the invoice and it’s supporting documents to your customers.

    • How do I record a payment?
      • Go to VatPay main landing page and search for the invoice you want to record a payment. You can search by invoice number, client name, client company etc.
      • Under the actions tab, expand the dropdown and select ‘Record Payment’.
      • A popup will appear to will appear with metadata about this invoice. Review the data and make sure you are recording payment for the right invoice.
      • You can also see the last transaction that was done.
      • Enter the amount paid (Full or Partial Payment). Note if you enter partial payment, the invoice status will change to ‘Partially Paid’ instead of ‘Paid’.
      • Select the payment date as well as Payment method (Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Check etc.)
      • We strongly recommend you enter additional note for your records. This will appear in your reports for this invoice. You can always review it later to better understand the transaction in the future.

    • Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
      • What is an Invoice?

        An invoice, also known as a bill or tab is a document issued to a client, relating to a sale transaction and includes the products and/or services, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Invoices also establishes an obligation on the part of the client to pay.

      • What is the difference between an Estimate and a Proposal?

        Estimates and proposals are totally different, despite the constant overlap between these documents among small business owners. Let's Start with Estimates because there are the most widely used. These are approximations that give clients an idea of what to expect in their final bill. Proposals are far down the sale process and usually provide the most details about a particular project. Proposals focus on showing final value after work has been done. Remember that the words varies by industry and can take on different meanings depending on who is using the term.

      • Subscription Billing vs. Recurring Payments

        A lot of businesses use these terms interchangeably and it also changes based on the industry. A recurring payment is an automated payment option that allows customers to set up the payment for the first time and enjoy the service as the money gets deposited into their bank accounts on a specific schedule. Subscription Billing is similar to recurring payments but instead of offering an entire bundle of services via a recurring payment plan, a company can divide its services into several programs or plans

      • Are Sleek Invoice templates really free?

        Sleek Invoice Templates are 100% free. You have the rights to download, use and even redistribute our templates. If you will rather edit your invoices and estimates online, switch to Sleek Invoice Free Invoice & Estimate Generator. It's also 100% free. All your data sits in your browser. In addition, Sleek Invoice protects your personal information through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. We take your data’s security very seriously, so we use TSL security encryption, which is the industry standard for transmitting data safely over the internet. Your data is yours only and we never touch is without your explicit permission.

      • Do I need an account to use Sleek Invoice?

        You DO NOT need an account to use our free online invoice generator. Also you don't even have to provide your email address to download our free invoice templates.

      • What's the difference between Sleek Invoice and VatPay?

        Sleek Invoice gives you the flexibily of generating invoices and estimates (quotes) straight from your web browser. No commitments, No Credit Card, No sign up required. You will be able to send your invoices online and download them as PDF. VatPay is the cloud version of Sleek Invoice. We recommend saving your work to the cloud so that you can access it from any device. Other features VatPay not available in Sleek Invoice includes; Intuitive Accounting reports like Balance sheets, Profit & Loss (Income Statements) etc. Please see table below for a full list of VatPay features.

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