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"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax." -Albert Einstein

Things to Consider When Looking for SaaS Billing Software

By: Pavel Dinic

Every business needs to get payments for its services or products, which is why you need to get quality SaaS billing software. What does SaaS even mean?.

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Advantages of Using Accounting Software

By: Jane McCoy

Day by day the scope of computerized accounting has flourished as prices have decreased and the software has gradually become easy to use, even for those who don’t know anything about accounting & finance.

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What information is included in your 1099-K?

By: James Owen

Every year, the United States IRS requires that EzzyBooks provide a form called a 1099-K for each EzzyBooks account that meets all of the following criteria in the previous calendar year:

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QuickBooks Online vs Desktop Version

By: Travis Cutler

Cloud-based applications are the norm in business today. In 2018, the public cloud services market reached around 175.8 billion U.S. dollars in revenue and is forecast to exceed 278.3 billion by 2021.

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